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April 27 2015


Most Expensive Cars Sold - The Ten Billion dollar Club

Most Expensive Cars Sold - The Ten Billion dollar Club

The vintage car auction has become so popular over the years that it must be now officially any social event in a few areas or at least merits around the clock televising on the Speed Channel. Part and parcel to the is the sheer worth of the vehicles on the market. The idea that cars might sell in the vast amounts hasn't been laughable going back 20 years. In this article, we take a look at the new tolerance - the ten trillion or more dollar automobiles.

Top 15 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2015

What is the value of a car? Well, it certainly is not really the price of the parts and also labor used to make it. When it comes to classic automobiles, the value seems to be influenced by the brand, the history of the vehicle, the limited number produced as well as, of course, the condition of your vehicle. Tied together, numerous wealthy individuals today view these autos as investments quite like buying stock in the company or good quality art pieces. They assume them to appraise after a while.

The last 20 years have experienced some amazing automobiles come up for public auction. From Ferrari's to Shelby's in order to Bugatti's, the bidding continues to be hot and heavy. The particular "most paid for" award exchanged so many times that one were required to begin to wonder whether buyers were pricing the auto on its value or just a desire is the top price on the market! Well, the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Car was the top canine for a very long time in spite of this effort with a earning bid of a incredible $9.7 million dollars. Most Expensive Cars in 2015

At some point, everyone knew the $10 million dollar barrier can be exceeded. It required a Ferrari to make it happen. In 2008, Bob Evans of the UK paid $10.9 million for a perfect 1961 Lamborghini 250 GT SWB Florida Spyder smashing the Bugatti record simply by an unheard of $1.Two million. It took only 1 more year with the record to be smashed when a 1957 Ferrari 250 TR was sold at auction for $12.2 million. To this date, these two Ferrari's are the only autos in the $10 million or above category. Don't expect that to last for lengthy!

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